Are Smart Watches Safe for your health?

Are Smart Watches Safe for your health?

Should you get a smart watch? Are smart watches safe for your health? Or can they be dangerous without us even knowing?

If you are considering buying a smart watch to better improve yourself then a you are on the right track and a smart watch is the way to go.

There are so many options on a smart watch that can help you achieve better health in your day-to-day living. They do this by monitoring steps, heartbeat, water intake, stress levels, exercise habits, and even menstrual cycles!

Benefits of having a smart watch

Having a smart watch it can motivate you into being healthier simply by walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, drinking more water, exercising longer or just exercising in general!

Are there any drawback?

However you may wonder if by having a smart watch it can do all this good then what are the cons? When is the other shoe going to fall?

There are mental health issues that can come into play, by over receiving inconsistent or inaccurate data could trigger anxiety for some about having a high step rate that day.

Having negative results that don’t match with how your body feels can be very hard to accept and may have outbursts of anger or anxiety for not reaching a goal by the inaccurate data.

The only time a smart watch could be dangerous is…

A smart watch can only be truly harmful if you use them incorrectly as the devices are still electronic users’ discretion is advised.

When it comes to radiation exposure and radiofrequency there has been no evidence from studies conducted that the radiofrequency can cause cancer or of any radiation side effects.

To try and keep radiation low, turn on airplane mode when it is not in use and, if preferred, users can take the watch off while asleep.

Are Smart Watches Safe for your health? The pros outweigh the cons

In truth the positive outweighs the negative side effects and it brings more health benefits then it does negative ones.

Before buying a smart watch identify within yourself that you feel confident in your mental health to not be triggered by the results of a watch. That you will align yourself with how you as the user can avoid any side effects even if the studies show no sign of severe conclusions.

Overall, smart watches are a great way to motivate yourself, keep track of your health and help you achieve your goals, if used correctly.