Avon Starter Kit South Africa 2022

Thinking of starting your own Avon business?! Why not make use of the Avon Starter kit South Africa to get your business going with a BANG!

The starter kit includes free brochures, samples, gifts, and your registration fee! This is a huge saving! So, if you’re keen to start, don’t miss your special Avon rep starter kit. They differ every month, each with it’s own special advantages.

Latest Avon Starter Kits

Avon Starter Kit October 2022

Avon rep starter kit SA

Avon Starter Kit September 2022

Avon Starter Kit September 2022

Avon Starter Kit August 2022

Avon Starter Kit August 2022

This value pack is the perfect way to start off your career with Avon on a high note! Get the top selling products, make a great first commission and continue to grow each month thereafter!

Previous Starter Packs

Avon Starter Pack May 2022

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Avon Starter Packs 2022

Avon Starter Pack June 2021

Avon Starter Pack June 2021

Start your Avon business straight away in June with this amazing deal. Avon is the world’s leading direct seller of beauty and related products. Avon’s mission is to be the company that best understands women and helps them look and feel more beautiful. The products included in the June Starter pack are hot sellers!

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Avon Starter Kit South Africa 2022

Avon sales rep starter kit 2022

Avon has introduced a new starter pack. The Avon Success Packs come with brochures, samples, and recruiting materials to help you start your business. You can also choose from different sizes of starter packs to fit your budget or get the entire inventory at once!

Why start an Avon business?

  • You have the flexibility to be your own boss and work part-time or full-time.
  • It’s easy to start an Avon business with a low startup cost.
  • No experience is necessary!

Avon Benefits

  • Avon benefits:
  • You can earn money, bonuses and trips by being an Avon Representative.
  • You can have your own business with complete independence and flexibility.
  • You may have your own website and online store to sell products directly to customers all over the world. This way you can control your own business hours, earnings, decision making power and much more.

What is the cost to become an Avon rep?

The cost to get started depends on the Avon Rep Starter Pack you choose. That includes your own personal Avon website. You’ll also get free shipping on all your orders above R570, as well as a no-hassle return policy. And best of all? No inventory to buy!

If you’re worried about making big sales right away, don’t be—the Avon business model is built around an easy and low-pressure way to make money from home. You’re not required to reach any minimum sales quota (but if you do, there are great rewards!).

How much commission do I make with Avon?

The commissions you earn with Avon can be as little or as much as you want. You can start earning 20% of your sales, but if you want to make more, all it takes is some extra work and a little bit of creativity.

The opportunity for an amazing income with Avon has never been greater:

  • Sales incentives and commission.
  • Leadership bonuses
  • Loyalty rewards

How should I choose my starter pack?

Choosing your starter pack is a personal choice and depends on a variety of factors. How much money are you willing to spend? Are you interested in a business that requires a large inventory or simply something small? Do you want to target customers in one area, or do you want to expand nationally? These are just some of the decisions that need to be made when choosing which starter pack is right for you.

Which kit is right for me?

If you’re new to Avon, or just want to try out a few things before committing to a starter kit, here’s how we recommend choosing your own:

If you are brand new and don’t have any customers yet (or even if you do), we suggest starting with the Fresh Start Kit. This contains all of our most popular products that we believe will get your business going in the right direction. It includes:

  • 6 lipsticks;
  • 2 eyeshadow palettes;
  • 1 mascara;
  • 1 nail polish set; and
  • 4 body lotions and creams. We think this collection is great for anyone who wants to add variety to their catalog but can’t afford all the products at once.

Take control of your life and career by starting an Avon business.

You’ll be able to work when you want, where you want and make as much money as you want.

Join my Avon team today and start your own business. You’ll never have to worry about getting orders or finding customers again. Avon has been around for many years and is a global brand. Your success is our success!

Avon makes it easy for women to be successful at home by giving them flexible options for starting their businesses, including:

  • Flexible scheduling -sell when you want or sell online
  • Simple training – we help guide you through our proven business model step by step so there’s no guesswork involved
  • No inventory required – sell directly from your website with no upfront cost