Avon Competition – Win A Car By Selling Avon

If you haven’t heard, Avon is rewarding one lucky Avon Representative with a Suzuki Swift! So, if you needed a sign to start selling Avon – let this be it! This competition is open to all Avon representatives!

Avon Win a Car Competition - become a rep to win

Simply follow the simple steps to gain entries. I will quickly try to explain them all…

1) order an Avon Care Derma product (so make sure you promote those products a lot in July!!)
2) Use your Avon ON App to place an order in July (If you don’t have the Avon ON app yet, everyone who places and pays an order in JUNE under our team – I will help to get that set up!)
3) Order ALL the Avon Care Derma products – get more entries!
4) Place one complete order for over R2000 in July and get an additional 3 entries!

Bonus entries: Order any 2 Avon Care products (not derma range) and get two more entries

Want the maximum competion entries? Order this:

  1. Order at least one from the following codes: 1406552, 1406561, (48093, 1406561, 1406553 = combo with code 33010 see images below) (sell ALL the Derma products and get 2 extra entries)
  2. Order using the Avon ON app – Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avon.avonon&hl=en_ZA&gl=US) or iOS (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/avon-on/id1439105374) for 1 extra entry
  3. Sell 2 Avon Care Products (not Derma) for an additional 2 entries (codes: 1394855, 1394885, 1394886, 33011, 1384753, 59653, 69870, 17352, 1374135, 59067, 53275, 1384610, 82113, 1374137, 1306429, 53636, 59405, 33512, 64100, 1302181, 47229, 1394887, 1377107, 47893, 11911, 18471, 85939, 30951, 33012)
  4. Place a R2000 order (all at once) for an extra 3 ENTRIES!

Ladies and gents – You can WIN A CAR!!!! So, let’s not take this lightly, it’s a random draw, so you have as much a chance as anyone else!

There is also a special prize of R250 credit to 100 reps. To enter for this you need to open your Avon Store and have a client place an order through it. Again, anyone who places an order in JUNE under our team, I will help to set up your Avon store.

Want to Sell Avon and Win a Car??

How to Sell Avon Care Derma Range

USE THE CLAIMS TO SELL – Make sure you know the benefits of the DERMA extra-firm+ range & use the launch offer to boost your earnings.

• Instantly helps skin feel more elastic & reduces the look of lines & wrinkles*
• Suitable for all skin types: normal, dry, oily & combination
• Non-greasy & moisturizes for 24 hours**

*Based on a consumer study. **Based on a clinical study.

DERMA EXTRA-FIRM+ contains algae extract, which increases collagen and helps firm skin

Sell the launch offer of Avon Care Age Restore Day Face Cream, Avon Care Derma+ Firming Body Lotion 400 ml & Hand Cream
Selling Price: All 3 for R139 x aim for 15 customers = R2 085 potential sales
R2 085 x 20%† = R417 potential earnings (†Representative discount)

Special Avon Let’s Talk Derma Offer

Buy this combo for only R97.30 and sell for R139. That’s a 30% commission!

Competition Terms and Conditions

This incentive is only open to Representatives. 2. You will be entered into the draw for the prizes if you meet the sales targets as set out on this page. 3. The incentive will run from 1 July – 30 September 2021 only. 4. The results will be calculated on the 23rd of the following month after the closing of the incentive. If the 23rd falls on a weekend/public holiday, the results will be pulled on the 1st workday thereafter. 5. Prizes earned are not negotiable, nor may they be exchanged for cash or any other product. 6. In case of a tie, the total invoiced sales will be the determining factor. 7. Returns made in connection with this incentive will result in the participant being disqualified from participation. 8. If you are in arrears with any payment on the date on which the results are calculated, you will not be entered into the draw for the prize, even if you had met the sales target. 9. The company’s decision in respect of the awarding of the prizes is final and no correspondence shall be entered into.

The names of the winners will be communicated on Facebook, via email to the Area Sales Manager and an SMS to the winner(s). 11. The winners of this incentive consent to the publication and release of their personal details and/or images in any form of Avon Justine’s communication, marketing materials, or social networking profiles. 12. Additional terms and conditions may be communicated to participants at any time during the course of the incentive. 13. The winners are responsible for ensuring that their contact details are updated on the company’s system to receive the reward, failing which they will forfeit their reward.

Avon Justine reserves the right to amend or withdraw this incentive at any time. 15. The winner of the Suzuki Swift* is required to have a valid driver’s licence, or to recommend a next of kin with a valid driver’s licence in who’s name the car will be registered. 16. The winner will be responsible for all costs incurred such as insurance, maintenance, etc, after accepting the reward. 17. The reward will be dispatched to the winner by the end of the month
following the announcement, or as soon thereafter as reasonably possible. 18. The winner will be required to present proof of identification upon acceptance of delivery. 19. In the event that the Winner resides outside of South Africa, the Winner will be liable for all export related costs incurred; and/or any other costs incurred as a result of selling the car in South Africa. 20. *Dealership Ts&Cs apply.

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Avon Success - sell avon to be your own boss

The competition closes on 30 September 2021.

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Avon Care Derma Range

Wondering what is the NEW Derma range? Here are the top products:

You can also gain bonus entries by selling the Avon Care Products (Note that there is Avon Care Derma, and Avon Care)