Tips for Beauty Over 50 With Avon South Africa

Avon Beauty over 50 tips

Let these 5 Beauty over 50 tips help you stay your confident self! Avon has been helping women, just like you, take care of their skin for over 135 years!

Beauty over 50 Tip Nr 1 – Moisturize your hair

Ladies, every morning or evening after you have dried your hair and completed styling it, DO THIS – Apply your Avon face cream that is left on your hands to your hair.

Don’t waste your expensive Avon Face cream – lightly stroke your hands over your hair. This will give a lovely glow/shine and also stop flyaway hair.

And the SPF in your cream will protect your hair from the scorching sun, which is a bonus.

This in return could even prevent your hair from going grey prematurely. I believe this, as I have been doing it for years and I hardly have any grey hair.

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Beauty over 50 Tip Nr 2 – Feed those lashes

Keep your lashes healthy and strong with this simple beauty over 50 tip. Every night after removing your mascara and cleaning your face, apply your favorite face oil on the tips of your fingers. Then touch the ends of your eyelashes. Make sure not to touch all the way to your skin.

This will allow the face oil to slowly move down towards the roots of the eyelashes and do its magic.

In the morning wash your face. After your bath- touch your eyelashes with a little bit more face oil and wipe them with a dry cloth. Now apply your mascara. Ready for the day.

Tip: Try the Avon Nourish Vitamin Rich Facial Oil with Vit E for best results.

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Beauty over 50 Tip Nr 3 – Chin up – Avoid neck wrinkles

Avoid neck wrinkles by holding your head up when working on the computer or using your cellphone.

Hold your phone straight in front of your eyes, level with your face. Don’t bend your neck to look down at your phone. Also, do this when you’re on the couch. Bad habits die hard.

Repeated little actions add up and create those unwanted little lines. How often do you do this if you’re honest?

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Beauty over 50 Tip Nr 4 – Look after your hands

Apply your hand cream at night and during the day. Allow the hand cream to absorb into your hands thoroughly. Now, to seal in the moisture, add a little layer of yellow vaseline over the hand cream. Rub off the excess vaseline, if you need to, with a dry cloth.

Ladies, if you wash dishes it also dries out your hands. Apply a little yellow vaseline on the top of your hands before starting. This will protect them from any harsh chemicals and water.

Why only add vaseline to the top of your hands when washing dishes? Do not get it in the inside of your hand as you need a firm grip on the dishes (especially glass). Vaseline will prevent your hands from drying out, but it will also make them slippery.

Once you have finished your dishes, wash your hands and apply your hand cream and a little vaseline as instructed above.

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Beauty over 50 Tip Nr 5 – For those puffy eyes in the morning

Take a clean face cloth and wet it in running water – twist the face cloth to remove any excess water – you want a damp face cloth. Now place the facecloth in the deep freeze over a bow. You can also place the facecloth in a plastic sandwich bag to keep it clean. Leave in the deep freeze overnight.

Use this facecloth when you wake up in the morning with puffy eyes. Just lightly hold the facecloth on the puffy areas. This in return will reduce the puffiness.

After you have done this, splash your face with some tap water a few times. It doesn’t have to be cold water, normal tap water is fine.

Next, dry your face (gently! Only dab your face), but don’t apply your cream straight away. Allow your face a few minutes to rest. Then you may start with your cream and makeup routine.

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Stay beautiful, ladies!


Avon Lady

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