8 Marketing Tips to Increase your Avon Sales in South Africa

We all want to sell more products, but some reps just seem to do it better than others. What are their secret sales tactics? Sell more with these 5 marketing tips to increase your Avon sales in South Africa!

8 Marketing Tips to Increase your Avon Sales in South Africa

1. Show Off Your Product Expertise

If you know your stuff, don’t be afraid to share it with the world. If you have a passion for or experience with Avon products, use that knowledge to sell more!

Consider investing in a variety of products, and learn the benefits of each one. By doing so, you’ll be able to recommend an appropriate product to every customer.

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2. Use the Power of Upselling

Have you ever been asked to “try another product” or “have a sample of this product for free?” If you have, it’s likely because upselling is a powerful tool.

Upselling is an easy way to boost sales in your Avon business. If someone comes to you to buy a roll-on, you could 10X your sale by recommending a complementary perfume.

Don’t try to upsell products that aren’t appropriate for the customer’s needs so that they think you’re just trying to make a sale. Make sure you’re offering them the best deals that fit their needs.

3. Make It Easy for Customers to Buy

There are several ways to make it easy for customers to buy your products (and Increase your Avon Sales!), but the most important is making sure that they know where to purchase from! Don’t leave your customers scratching their heads while they try to figure out where to buy your products!

With Avon, you can sell in person using the Avon Brochure (make sure to always write your name and telephone number inside, people love to keep the brochures and it becomes your business card!). There is also the eBrochure that is perfect for sharing on Whatsapp or Social Media. Finally, you can also create an online store and direct clients to order there.

“Make sure to always write your name and telephone number inside, people love to keep the brochures and it becomes your business card!”

– Avon Lady

4. Increase your Avon Sales with Loyalty Discounts

Try to encourage repeat orders by offering regular loyalty discounts. If a client purchases 3 months in a row, they are eligible for a 5% extra discount on one product. This could encourage the client to choose a more expensive product to make the most of the discount. You’ll still make a profit and you’ll boost your sales.

5. Give Away Free Samples

If there is one thing I hate, it’s not having enough samples! Give away free samples to your customers and they will be happy to buy the full product once the sample is done! If you are trying to sell fragrances, try out the sample vails. This way you get more sales and it’s easy on your pocket!

6. Create your own Personal Specials

Creating your own combos is a great way to boost your sales. You know what your clients are buying, why not upsell them with a personal combo offer. Adding 2 or 3 products in a bundle and adding a 5% discount won’t break the bank, and you’ll quickly increase your sales.

7. Be a Great Representative/ friend

Your customers need to love you so much that they will always be loyal to you. You should keep that in mind and always be friendly and helpful to them. Making sure they know they can always get the best deals and samples from you is one way, but also just being a friend goes a long way.

8. Be Your Own Personal Brand

Using Avon yourself means you stand by your products. You’ll also be able to make better recommendations and even let customers try your personal fragrances, etc. Using Avon products as a rep means you ARE the Avon brand. People will know to come to you for the best product advice.

Avon Boss Babe - Increase your Avon sales

Final Thoughts on how to Increase your Avon Sales in South Africa

Sales opportunities are numerous when it comes to Avon in South Africa – you just need to find the right way to appeal to your customers. Begin with these marketing strategies, and you’ll find yourself on your way to more sales in no time.

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