Avon Let’s Talk Brochure – A Monthly Guide for Reps

Avon Let's Talk

The Avon Lets Talk Brochure is filled with information and specials that are aimed to help reps grow their business. Filled with special offers, training, tips and trick – reps need to use this to their advantage.

How can the Avon Let’s Talk Brochure help me grow?

There are many ways, but let’s look at the most important ones

1. Samples lead to sales

People love free things, especially if they’re specially selected for them. Whenever possible, I try to send clients at least one sample. The Avon Lets Talk has really affordable samples on offer that reps can order. 

Additionally, this can increase sales (when clients buy full-sized products next month) and strengthen the relationship between the customer and the representative.

2. Special offers to clients

Some of the products in the Let’s Talk aren’t available in the normal brochure – or they haven’t even been launched yet. Impress your clients by offering these products to them.

3. Added discounts to clients

There are always crazy discounts in the Let’s Talk Brochure. You can then add a small profit, but still give clients a better discount than what they will see in the normal brochure. Alternatively, sell the items without a profit and boost your sales if you’re a team leader.

4. New product releases

As mentioned, Avon often does a rep pre-release, and this is a great way to boost your next month’s orders on a new range.

5. Tips and tricks – always read the Avon Let’s Talk!

The Let’s Talk is exactly that- a way for Avon to TALK to you! Read it, the tips can be very helpful. They often recommend how to promote products and how much to sell to make a good income.

We hope this article has inspired you to pick up the Avon Let’s Talk brochure and start reading! It’s the best sales advisor you’ll find!