Discount and Fee Changes – Avon April 2022

Avon is making changes. The new reward system will be connected to your fixed monthly discount. That means, the harder you work, the more you earn!

Avon Discount and Fee Changes April 2022

The following discount, fee & brochure pricing changes will come into effect as of 1 April 2022
• The administration fee will change to R27
There will be no administration fee on any orders above R2 500
• The Minimum Order Value (MOV) will change to R595.
Orders of under R595 will not be processed & will be held for 21 days to be
merged with a subsequent order provided it is within the available credit
limit. After 21 days it will automatically be deleted from the system
The Avon Rewards level achieved in the previous quarter determines the
fixed discount percentage the Representatives & Business Owners will earn
on all discountable sales* in the following quarter

• Representatives & Business Owners re-qualify for their fixed discount
percentage every quarter
based on their cumulative sales in the
previous quarter
New Representatives & Business Owners receive a 20% fixed discount on
all discountable sales*
in their first four months until they are eligible to join
Avon Rewards