Solved: How to be an Avon Sales Leader

Ready to get serious about your Avon Career? Start the Avon Sales Leader Program Today!

If you’ve been selling Avon for a while and you feel like you’ve got a basic understanding of how everything works, why not start your own team and grow your commission potential? In this article, I will explain exactly what you need to do to enter the Avon Sales Leader Program, and exactly how the Avon commission structure South Africa 2021 can benefit you.

Step 1. Enter the Avon Sales Leadership Program

Download the free “Avon Sales Leadership Program Explained PDF”.

In this document, you will see exactly how the Avon bonus structure works, how you can make the most of it, and never miss an Avon bonus again!

    Step 2. Avon Sales Leader Registration

    Next, you’re probably wondering how the Avon sales leader registration works? It’s pretty simple, but you’ll need the support of your team leader and your zone manager. If you feel that you are ready to become a team leader, but your own team leader is non-existent (we feel your pain), then you can bypass her this way:

    Email with your name, and account number. Ask them for your Zone managers details and email her directly. You will need to complete the following completed forms:

    Sales Leader Agreement

    Sales Leader Bank Form

    Step 3. Open Your Avon MY Account

    If you haven’t done this yet, now would definitely be the time. As a Sales Leader, you will need a computer to check up on your team, place orders, etc. This can all be done from your Avon Account.

    Head to: to sign up. Once logged in, your new Team Leader account will allow you to place orders on behalf of your team, check up on sales and much more.

    If you need more information, check out our post “how to set up my Avon account”

    Step 4. Set Up Your Avon Store

    As an Avon Leader, you need to set an example. My Avon Store is a great way to boost sales and build authority.

    Step 5. Start Selling Avon Today!

    It’s easier than you think! Check out the latest Avon brochure