How to become an Avon Representative | South Africa

Wondering how to join Avon? It’s now easier than ever to become an Avon rep! Follow these simple “how to become an Avon representative” steps to sign up online and start selling today!

Step 1: Complete the Avon registration form

  • Once you’ve opened the link, click on JOIN ??
how to become an avon representative

By choosing 1 (Join my team today) – you can sign up immediately and start selling after sign up. Your team leader will contact you after you’ve registered.

Choosing 2 (Get a call back) – you will complete the form and your new team leader will contact you first before your profile is completed.

Sign up as an Avon rep
  • Ready to start selling? Choose option one and complete your contact details
Create your Avon Account
  • Next, add your home / delivery address
How to sign up as an avon rep
  • Add your nationality and ID
Avon rep sign up ID
  • Submit your application

Congrats! Your account will be registered. Welcome to Avon!

Once you receive your account number, you need to Log in to your Avon Space. This is your personal Avon space where you can place orders, check deliveries etc. You can do this from a laptop, phone, or through the Avon ON app.

About the Avon ON App

A lot of reps get confused about the Avon ON App, and that’s why we’ve created a guide for you to create your Avon ON app password, Download the App and use the App.

When you register your Gi3, and log into your Avon ON app, you can start placing orders. Our Avon ON Guide will help you log into your account, create your online business, and order.

Step 2: Register your Avon Account to access your website and more

To use the Avon On App, you first have to register your account. You can only do this once your account has been approved.

  1. Go to the Avon Account registration page:
  2. Create a profile (you can get your zone number from your team leader, or Anele (+27 87 240 6725 Whatsapp, or simply leave it blank – it isn’t compulsory to include)
  3. The username and password you have now created will be used for your Avon On App

Step 3: Download the Avon ON App

Step 4: Place and Pay for your first order

This is the final step to activate your account. Your first order will get a 25% commission, so make sure it’s a big one! To learn more about how you can boost your sales – check out our Avon Blog!

You can now pay online with Payat and Avon.

You can also pay at a number of stores if that’s easier for you.

Where can you pay for Avon?
Visit your nearest Pay@ outlet as listed below where you can pay your Avon account: • Ackermans • Boxer • Checkers • Flash • Game • Makro • PEP • Pick n Pay • Shoprite • Spar • Top it Up • Usave, And many more! Please use the reference 11454 & your account number.

Final thoughts on how to become an Avon representative

The most important factor when becoming an Avon representative is choosing the best team leader! If you join a strong team, with strong online marketing, you will succeed! The above links will help you join the Avon Smart Diamonds team – we help you:

  • Set up your Avon Store
  • Create and grow your Avon Facebook Page
  • Sell and Market your Avon products online
  • Grow and learn through our Avon Facebook Group (Anyone can join and participate, but only Avon Smart Diamond team members can advertise and recruit)
  • Become a team leader yourself! How to be an Avon team leader isn’t an easy process – your first year is crucial (to get those bonuses), so make sure you’re joining a team that will nurture you and eventually help you grow your own team. You can’t do this alone!

PLUS, in addition to these exclusive Avon Smart Diamonds team tools to help you get started, you’ll also get 4 FREE Gifts when you sign up today! Just make sure you place and pay for orders in months 1 – 4, and you’ll get these amazing gifts to keep or to sell for an extra commission!

Avon New Rep Gifts