How to Register Your Avon Account

Register your Avon account - new reps

Either you’re a new rep that would like to sign up, or you’re an existing rep that would like to set up your online account. In this blog post, we’ll help you navigate how to register your Avon account as either – feel free to move on to the second section if you are an existing Avon representative.

Table of contents

  1. New Reps
  2. Existing Reps
Avon sign up

New Reps – How to Register Your Avon Account

First things first. You need to go through the Avon registration process.


The MOST IMPORTANT THING is to have a STRONG team leader. I cannot stress this enough. There are more stories than I care to share of team leaders signing up members and then ditching them. Why do they do this? They register for volume, so the hope to register a 100 people and from that 100 if 5 are active, they’re happy. So, they don’t care what you do, if you have questions, if you’re struggling. Choose your Team Leader wisely.

If you would like to join my team, you can drop me a comment below and I will be in touch.

Send them your details

No, a real Avon Team Leader is not trying to steal your information, we do need your:

  • Contact number
  • ID number
  • Photo of your ID
  • Delivery Address
  • Family or friend’s details

Choose your Account – Cash or Credit?

This is usually a bit confusing, but I have to say Credit is ALWAYS better. Now, a cash account is R90 (you don’t get it back, but luckily it gets taken off your first commission, so you don’t physically have to pay it).

A credit account is R250 (for R1000 credit), but you will get the R250 back if you pay diligently for 3 months. It is a deposit. The account is literally called a “deposit to buy” account.

The choice is totally yours, and no one should pressure you into anything. If you choose a credit account, you will get a OTP from Avon, which you might need to receive again if you place your order later. If you choose cash, you won’t get this OTP – that’s how you know for what you are being registered.

Why Avon credit? See what People are saying:

Avon credit or cash account?

What are people saying about Avon credit accounts?

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Avon credit account is easy

Place Your First Order

This is the final step in creating your Avon rep account. You don’t have to do it immediately, but if you want your free Avon rep gifts, you have to do it in the first month that you sign up. So, ask your team leader for the latest PDF Avon Brochure and start getting order.

Do you want to sign up for Avon? Complete the form below, and one of my team leaders will contact you:

Sell Avon South Africa

Existing Reps – Registering your Avon ON account

The first step to register your Avon account online is to head to This is also necessary to use the Avon ON app. You will use the same Avon login password you create here for the Avon ON app.

Once you open the website, it will look like this:

Register your Avon Account
www avon co za

Everything here is pretty simple – except your zone. If you don’t know your Avon Zone Number, you can do the following:

  1. Ask your Team Leader
  2. Ask Anele

This is the simplest method. Just add Anele to Whatsapp. Her number is +27 87 240 6725. She’s a bot (an automated chat system) that you can use to find information around your account. You need to already be an Avon rep to use this service fully. Follow these steps

Step 1: Add Anele on Whatsapp +27 87 240 6725

Step 2: Say “Hi”

Step 3: Respond to Anele By typing 1

Anele Bot Avon

Step 4: Enter your details (Account Number / or ID or Passport Number if you don’t know your Avon account number – depending on what you submitted to Avon at registration) – hit ENTER

Using the Anele Avon bot

Step 5: Next, choose to see your Profile (3)

Anele Avon Bot Personal information profile

Step 6: Choose to see your ASM’s details (3)

Anele Avon Bot - ASM

NOTE: Do NOT choose your Upline or your Divisional Sales Manager – it has to be your ASM (Area Sales Manager)

That will give you YOUR AVON ZONE NUMBER

Anele Bot - How to get your Zone Number

The rest is pretty simple, and you can register your Avon Account by completing your details –

How to get my Avon account number

Use Anele on Whatsapp to get your account statement and your account number will be on it. Your statement will be emailed to you.

How to get my Avon account number

What should I do if I entered the wrong Avon Zone number and it has blocked me? Just wait 24 hours and then enter the correct zone number

Avon Login

Once you have registered your account, you can now use these details as your Avon Login for the Website and Avon ON app.